DC Releases Gotham Promo Clips
August 3, 2014

Gotham, the new DC TV series debuting on Fox on September 22, is a dark take on Batman’s supporting cast, focusing on the city and the origins of some of his best-known villains. We won’t see the hero himself, since Bruce Wayne at this point is a little kid; instead, young detective James Gordon (Ben McKenzie) in a corrupt setting is our focus. To explain the concept, DC has released this three-minute promotional video first look:

“This is not a comic book world… it’s a mythic world, it’s a dramatic world full of adventure and color and sex and violence and fun,” says writer Bruno Heller. (One of those things seems not quite to belong with the rest.)

They tease “meeting the Joker for the first time” a good deal here, a role that hasn’t yet (as far as I know) been cast. It’s pretty dark for me, but I’d like to see what two of the primary actors do: Donal Logue (playing Harvey Bullock) has been a favorite since his sitcom Grounded for Life, and Jada Pinkett Smith as new character mob boss Fish Mooney seems intriguing.

There are two shorter (30-second) promos, focused mostly on cutting together visuals. One is on character mythology:

The other talks about the tone of the world:

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Mike writes:  

The show looks interesting, but more and more as I get a sense of what people in the comic book industry or the media think of as “the real world,” I find that they don’t have any sense of what the real world is like. One of the people involved with the show says that GOTHAM is the real world heightened. But the real world does not revolve around cops and robbers. A small percentage of the population is involved in committing crime, and even smaller in committing violent crimes. But because comics, movies and TV–out of the necessity of having conflict and choosing the most simplistic way of doing it–focus almost single-mindedly on crime and violence, giving people the impression that that’s what the world’s like. Despite the current trend of mass shootings, violent crime has been steadily decreasing in the US for the past 40 years, but if you ask people on the street, especially those who are heavy TV viewers, they would state that they think the opposite is true.

A show about the “real world” would not be about cartoon heroes and villains or cops and robbers, although it might include some of that. I’m assuming there will be no episodes of GOTHAM in which guns are shown in a bad light, some cops are shown to be as crooked as the criminals they chase, innocent people get killed in their gun battles, or people struggle to get by working low wage jobs while the city’s wealthy make money by exploiting them. The show will probably make us feel good about people getting punched, about getting us to hate characters who are mostly one-dimensional sadists, etc., etc. — the usual litany of “lessons” learned from crime shows.

Johanna writes:  

Oh, I think this show will have plenty of crooked cops, but in a retro/quaint “that was then” way. You make good points about the problems of TV obsessed with crime shows, but I suspect they’re popular because they reassure people that the “right” bad guys are getting caught and crimes are always solved.

There’s Going to Be a Supergirl Show! » DVDs Worth Watching writes:  

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