Win a Copy of The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness
Feb 22nd, 2015

Thanks to the studio, I have two copies of The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness, the documentary about Studio Ghibli, to give away in a new contest. To enter to win, post a comment below telling me your favorite Studio Ghibli film and why. A winner will be picked randomly from all entries on Friday, […]

She Makes Comics – A Documentary on Women in Comics
Feb 22nd, 2015

I got a chance to watch the Sequart documentary She Makes Comics, which covers “the history of women in comics as creators, fans, and everything in between.” The movie is available from that link as a DVD or digital download. From the start, it’s a jolt, a shot in the arm full of passion and […]

Man From U.N.C.L.E. Trailer Shows Retro Spy Movie
Feb 13th, 2015

There’s an awful lot that can be unpacked from the new The Man From U.N.C.L.E. trailer, as shown below. We still have a fascination with the 1960s, a decade 50 years ago, particularly when it comes to clothes and strong-jawed leading men. Perhaps it’s easier to contemplate clear-cut good and bad guys back then, when […]

Marvel and Sony Team Up for Next Spider-Man Movie
Feb 11th, 2015

As someone who cared so little about the most recent Amazing Spider-Man movie that I haven’t even seen it yet, I have mixed feelings about the news that Sony Pictures (who has the wall-crawler’s movie rights) will be teaming up with Marvel Studios on the next film. I do want the character to be a […]

Shout! Factory Launches Free Streaming Service
Feb 9th, 2015

Shout! Factory has launched Shout! Factory TV, a new digital entertainment streaming service available on computer, connected devices, and via Roku. And it’s free! They’ll be showing “cult TV shows, movies, comedy, original specials, and more” with the following titles available now or soon: · MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 (beginning with over 30 episodes) · […]

Birdman Out on DVD Next Week
Feb 9th, 2015

Birdman Birdman, the quirky independent film nominated for nine Oscars, will be coming to home video next week. It stars Michael Keaton as an actor, previously known for playing a superhero, trying to launch a Broadway play. The movie was directed, written, and produced by Alejandro González Iñárritu. I’ve been curious about it, but I […]

Let’s Watch Some Marvel Trailers
Feb 8th, 2015

Marvel has released an ad for the return of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on March 3 that emphasizes the women on the show. Melinda May (Ming-Na Wen) is awesome (because she’s basically Wolverine), and I like deadpan Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg — not in this trailer), but … while I want to see more of Mockingbird […]

Mythbusters 10th Anniversary Collection
Jan 24th, 2015

I’ve watched a bunch of Mythbusters episodes, although I couldn’t tell you what order they all came in. That’s one of the virtues of the series, that any given show can be watched in any order, since they stand alone. Mythbusters 10th Anniversary Collection If you’re not familiar with the show, each installment takes on […]

Supergirl Has Been Cast
Jan 22nd, 2015

The Supergirl series announced last fall now has a star: Melissa Benoist. She’s best known as one of the “new class” from season four of Glee, playing a “girl next door” type that would be well suited to the character. As described, Benoist will play Kara, who after arriving on Earth was taken in by […]

Batman: The Second Season Part 1 Out on DVD Next Month
Jan 18th, 2015

Batman: The Second Season Part 1 I’ve already talked about how much fun Batman: The Complete TV Series was, but if you don’t want to invest in all 120 episodes at once — it can be quite overwhelming — Warner Bros. is now breaking out the seasons into more reasonably sized sets. Batman: The Second […]

Kingsman: The Secret Service
Jan 15th, 2015

I just got back from a free preview of the upcoming Kingsman: The Secret Service, due out February 13. I had fun, since there were twists I wasn’t expecting (although I didn’t like some of them). Then again, I didn’t remember much about the comic it was based on. It’s an action-adventure spy film, emphasis […]

Will Brandon Routh Get His Own Superhero TV Series as the Atom?
Jan 11th, 2015

That story is really in the headline. As part of the CW upfront television presentations, there was brief mention from Flash and Arrow show runners Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg, and Marc Guggenheim that “they’re in ‘very early talks’ on the ‘very general idea’ of an Atom series”. I hope it happens! Brandon Routh has been […]

iZombie First Look, Show Background
Jan 11th, 2015

Apparently, I can no longer say “I don’t like zombies”, because I’m looking forward to the upcoming iZombie TV series, launching March 17 on the CW. Here’s the first look teaser: The show is very loosely based on the Vertigo comic by Chris Roberson and Michael Allred, but restructured into more of a procedural, with […]

Bruce Campbell to Host Last Fan Standing
Jan 10th, 2015

Earlier this week, I wrote about Wizard’s upcoming digital streaming network CONtv. Now comes news that the project will launch next month, and one of the original programs will feature Bruce Campbell hosting a game show. Last Fan Standing will also be produced by Campbell. It will film live at comic conventions, beginning today at […]

Some Like It Hot-Buttered
Jan 8th, 2015

Since I enjoyed Jeff Cohen’s The Question of the Missing Head, I thought I’d check out another comedy mystery he’d written. Some Like It Hot-Buttered is the first of three in the “Comedy Tonight” series, named after the theater the protagonist runs that only shows comedies. (The other two are It Happened One Knife and […]

Wizard Launching CONtv Digital Network in 2015
Jan 6th, 2015

2015 appears to be the year of direct-to-consumer TV network offerings, whether from established networks, movie studios, or specialty outlets (like the WWE, which sells its own network of nothing but decades of wrestling programming for $10 a month). Now Wizard World has announced CONtv, planned to launch early this year as a digital network […]

Does Anyone Else Remember Late for Dinner?
Dec 29th, 2014

Late for Dinner is a 1991 science fiction movie (but focused on relationships instead of technology) that is the answer to a trivia question. W.D. Richter, the director of The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension, only ever directed one other movie. It’s this one. It’s the story of two brothers (played by […]

Why Doesn’t Anyone Remember Avatar?
Dec 23rd, 2014

I’m not sure the premise of this article, on how Avatar “is all-but-forgotten in the pop culture landscape”, will remain true — particularly when Avatar Land opens at Walt Disney World in 2017 — but it’s a fascinating reminder of how something well-known can burn out quickly, and how fickle popular tastes can be. The […]

See My SPX Panel: How Comics Get Reviewed
Dec 19th, 2014

I hosted a panel at the Small Press Expo in September called “Pro Tips: How Comics Get Reviewed”. Brigid Alverson, Michael Cavna, Dan Kois, Heidi MacDonald, Douglas Wolk, and I talked about how to get coverage for comics and what editors and critics are looking for. Now, the SPX team have posted the panel video […]

Disney and Turner Classic Movies Team Up
Dec 14th, 2014

There are a couple of things in this new Disney/Turner deal that I like the sound of. Disney is revamping its Great Movie Ride at Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World with the help of Turner Classic Movies, which will get “Presented by” credits at the attraction. TCM will periodically (four-five times a year) air […]

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