Princeless Volume 2 #1

The popular Princeless series, a fresh take on girls’ fantasy roles written by Jeremy Whitley, returns with a new miniseries in February. Now drawn by Emily Martin, this story features runaway princess Adrienne and her new friend Bedelia (a real pistol, a blacksmith’s daughter) setting out to save Adrienne’s sister Angelica, “the most beautiful girl in the whole kingdom”. The King, their father, is complicating things, though, because he thinks that Adrienne’s masked identity is responsible for killing Adrienne. (If […]

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Princeless: Short Stories for Warrior Women #1

Until the next full Princeless story comes out, continuing the tale of Adrienne and her battle to rescue her sisters, this two-issue limited series should fill the gap. In Princeless: Short Stories for Warrior Women #1, author Jeremy Whitley has created three short stories (well, two and a teaser) illustrated by three female artists. The comic can be ordered right now through Diamond with code JUL12 0704, but I think there’s some confusion. The catalog copy says it’s 40 pages; […]

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