Madrox: Multiple Choice

In Madrox: Multiple Choice, writer Peter David refreshes the superhero story by combining it with elements of detective noir. Jamie Madrox, the Multiple Man, has the ability to create duplicates of himself. He’s opened a investigation agency, staffed by other mutants, but the case here is a little more personal. He’s got to figure out who killed one of his bodies. Jamie’s been expanding his skills by sending out duplicates to learn new things and try different experiences. One of […]

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X-Factor Flashback: #70-89 (1991-1993)

Because I enjoyed the Peter David-written Madrox miniseries, it was recommended that I try his earlier run on X-Factor. He started on X-Factor #70 in September 1991 with the wrapup to some big X-Men crossover. It’s full of lots of chatter, too many guest stars, and showy character bits, as when Wolverine swallows a cigarette instead of extinguishing it. That’s the kind of thing that would normally interrupt a story, but since there’s not really one here, instead, they’re character-defining […]

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She-Hulk: Single Green Female

She-Hulk: Single Green Female collects the first six issues of the acclaimed superhero comedy series. Writer Dan Slott does a great job balancing jokes and character bits while exploring how a citizen of a superhero universe deals with life. Jennifer Walters is an accomplished lawyer who’s also the super-strong She-Hulk. She’s become something of a party girl, dating models, winning cases, and saving the world with the Avengers. Her new boss, though, the head of a prestigious law firm, wants […]

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