X-Factor Flashback: #70-89 (1991-1993)

Because I enjoyed the Peter David-written Madrox miniseries, it was recommended that I try his earlier run on X-Factor. He started on X-Factor #70 in September 1991 with the wrapup to some big X-Men crossover. It’s full of lots of chatter, too many guest stars, and showy character bits, as when Wolverine swallows a cigarette instead of extinguishing it. That’s the kind of thing that would normally interrupt a story, but since there’s not really one here, instead, they’re character-defining […]

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She-Hulk: Single Green Female

She-Hulk: Single Green Female collects the first six issues of the acclaimed superhero comedy series. Writer Dan Slott does a great job balancing jokes and character bits while exploring how a citizen of a superhero universe deals with life. Jennifer Walters is an accomplished lawyer who’s also the super-strong She-Hulk. She’s become something of a party girl, dating models, winning cases, and saving the world with the Avengers. Her new boss, though, the head of a prestigious law firm, wants […]

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