Alphabetical Index of Oni Press

Lost at Sea

Raleigh and three friends from high school are driving from California back to Canada. Well, they’re not really friends, because Raleigh doesn’t think she has any friends. She also doesn’t think she has a soul, because a cat stole it. Or maybe her mom sold it. It’s not important. Nothing’s important, really. Lost at Sea by Bryan Lee O’Malley perfectly captures the uncertainty of teenage ennui, when you don’t know yourself, and you aren’t comfortable with anyone else, and as […]

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Maria’s Wedding

A year ago, Joseph and Matthew’s wedding split Joseph’s large Italian family. At the ceremony, Joseph’s brother Frankie spoke his mind about the situation, condemning those family members who refused to attend. Now, it’s the next big family gathering, as their cousin Maria is getting married. Frankie’s afraid of the reception he’ll get, but he has to attend to support Maria. Everyone’s warning him not to make another scene. It’s typical of families never to forget incidents like that one, […]

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