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Doctor Who: The Tides of Time

Doctor Who: The Tides of Time says it’s the “complete run of Fifth Doctor comic strips from the pages of Doctor Who Monthly“. I can’t argue with that, but I had a bunch more questions after reading it. Since it started as serialized, it’s a dense read. I finished the first seven-part, 50+ page story feeling as though I’d completed a typical graphic novel, and I had six more stories to go. (I didn’t like any of them quite as […]

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1000 Steps To World Domination

It doesn’t surprise me at all that this, as a minicomic, was pushed by James Sime and as a book, was published by Larry Young. All three have in common a sense of importance orthogonal to reality and as a result, all three are achieving their goals based on building their own legends. 1000 Steps To World Domination is a series of mostly four-panel, one-page cartoons. They all revolve around Osborne’s desire to rule the world, although some connections are […]

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Vogelein: Clockwork Faerie

Vögelein is a clockwork fairy, built by a talented watchmaker centuries ago. When her latest Guardian passes away, she has to find someone to keep her wound up in order to keep her memories alive in Vogelein: Clockwork Faerie by Jane Irwin. Her antagonist/counterpart is a dark fairy, the Duskie, who’s been reshaped by technology into looking like he’s made of skeletal twigs and wire. He collects microchips and other modern mechanical detritus, causing havoc as he breaks the machines […]

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Shutterbug Follies

Bee, the heroine of Shutterbug Follies, is just out of high school. Until she has enough money to do something with more of a future, she’s working at a one-hour photo processor, where she’s developed a rather odd hobby — making her own copies of the weirder pictures people bring in. When a customer asks her to develop pictures showing dead bodies, she decides to follow him to find out the story behind the images. Her snooping puts her in […]

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Dead West

The team behind the critically praised Teenagers From Mars, writer Rick Spears and artist Rob G., return with a zombie Western, Dead West. While the men of a Native American tribe are out hunting, a group of whites massacre their village to enforce their claim to the property. A young brave survives and years later takes his revenge on the town, Lazarus, built on the site. Through a ritual sacrifice, he raises the town’s dead, an unthinking mob of zombies […]

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Teenagers From Mars

Mars is your typical Southern town. One group of kids are digging up a coffin. When they find a sword, they wind up reenacting fight scenes from Star Wars. Another guy’s ripping off the copy shop with the aid of an underutilized employee. They get away with it because the boss is convinced the kid’s on drugs; aren’t all teens? At the local Mallmart, an employee’s getting chewed out for selling a kid a comic with too much violence; who […]

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