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I Went to SPX 2016 and Loved It

I had a terrific time at the 2016 Small Press Expo (SPX), as I do every year. It’s the nation’s premier independent comic arts festival, and everyone knows that everyone there has at least one thing in common: a love of the medium. For a factual overview of the show, please see my SPX coverage at ICv2. I also published a photo gallery there, and I’ve previously written about the Ignatz Awards winners this year. But for more of a […]

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Guest review by Ed Sizemore Shigeru Mizuki is a cultural icon. His manga GeGeGe no Kitaro is credited with igniting the modern day fascination with Japanese folktales. Mizuki is recognized as a expert on yokai (supernatural beings) and was one of the first people to attempt to catalog all the local legends of yokai throughout Japan. He has truly helped the Japanese people connect with and appreciate their own cultural heritage. Mizuki has written works about World War II, Hitler, […]

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Princess Knight Volume 1

Guest review by Ed Sizemore Because of a mischievous angel, Princess Sapphire is born with two hearts: a boy’s heart and a girl’s heart. In the realm of Silverland, only males may become rulers. Since Sapphire is the King’s only child, she’s raised as a boy. Her boyish heart allows her to excel at fencing and other ‘manly’ activities. Her girlish heart and body wishes she could admit to being a girl, so she can wear dresses and go to […]

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Wandering Son Volume 1 and Anime

Guest review by Ed Sizemore ***Warning: This Review Contains Spoilers*** Shuichi Nitori and Yoshino Takatsuki are mirror images of each other. Both are in fifth grade and have just recently transferred to a new school. They are classmates who sit next to each other and quickly become good friends. Both share a secret. Shuichi is a feminine-looking boy who dreams of being a girl. Yoshino is a masculine-looking girl who dreams of being a boy. Wandering Son by Takako Shimura […]

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Onward Towards Our Noble Deaths

Guest review by Ed Sizemore Onward Towards Our Noble Deaths is the semi-autobiographical story (in the afterward, Shigeru Mizuki tells us 90% of it is true) of Japanese soldiers stationed on New Britain Island in the Papua New Guinean Archipelago during Word War II. Mizuki’s stand-in is Private Second Class Maruyama. Life on the tropical island is hard for the Japanese soldiers. They battle hunger, malaria, abusive squad leaders, and finally US fighting forces. One thing that stands out when […]

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Suggestions on Hosting an Event Online & a Manga Moveable Feast Archive

While discussing plans for this year’s Manga Moveable Feasts — online events where a particular manga series or author is discussed during the same week at a variety of blogs and websites — we talked about what was involved in hosting. The Manga Moveable Feast host, in my opinion, should be responsible for the following: Remind everyone of the upcoming MMF and getting them excited to participate. Give people enough warning that they can get the books! Some may use […]

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Best Manga of 2010

For the purpose of this post, I’m using a highly idiosyncratic definition of “best”, based mostly on what I looked forward to and enjoyed re-reading. (This year, given the economy, I also considered whether I’d buy series volumes sight unseen, whether I was entertained enough to feel they were worth gambling the money on.) I have a few subcategories, under which I’ve ranked a maximum of five titles, with #1 being best. Links take you to reviews of the titles. […]

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A Drunken Dream and Other Stories

Guest review by Ed Sizemore As the title indicates, A Drunken Dream and Other Stories is a collection of short stories spanning the career of Moto Hagio. Hagio is considered one of the pioneers, not only of shoujo manga, but also the boys love genre (non-explicit, romantic stories of boys/young men) and by extension yaoi (explicit, romantic stories featuring men). This book serves as an introduction to both Hagio and her body of work. Drunken Dream contains a wide variety […]

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