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Brain Camp

I was curious about this summer camp mystery for two reasons: as a former kid genius, I loved the idea of a story set among smart kids, and I very much enjoy the work of artist Faith Erin Hicks (Zombies Calling, The War at Ellsmere). The second, at least, was not disappointing. Perhaps I’d created the wrong impression in my head about Brain Camp, written by Susan Kim and Laurence Klavan, but I was let down. The “creating prodigies” aspect […]

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Zombies Calling

I enjoyed Faith Erin Hicks’ The War at Ellsmere so much that I wanted to read her previous book. I hadn’t checked it out when it was released last year because I don’t like zombies. Big mistake on my part. Zombies Calling is fun and entertaining. Joss is a geek struggling with college exams and student loans. Her roommates are Robyn, who’s girl-crazy, and Sonnet, a goth who seems a little more comfortable in her own skin than Joss does. […]

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The War at Ellsmere

I didn’t read Faith Erin Hicks’ first graphic novel, Zombies Calling, because, you know, I hate zombies. But I enjoyed The War at Ellsmere so much I need to rethink that. Juniper is a scholarship student joining Ellsmere Academy, a private girls’ school she’s attending for its excellent academic record. Being away from her home and family is a challenge for her, but her most immediate battle is with Emily, queen bee. Jun didn’t expect to make friends, which is […]

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Interview With Kel McDonald on Buffy: The High School Years and Misfits of Avalon

Out this week in comic shops is the second installment of the graphic novel series Buffy: The High School Years, which revisits the core Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters during the first season of the TV series. Glutton for Punishment was written by Kel McDonald, who was kind enough to talk with me about this book; her written-and-drawn series Misfits of Avalon, also published by Dark Horse; and a few other projects. Want to find out what’s next for Buffy: […]

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