Minx Now and Future

The Minx Class of 2007

This completes the first year of Minx. Interestingly, Karen Berger when interviewed a year ago about the line, said there would be seven Minx releases in 2007. Which book went missing?

Due in 2008

They do plan seven books for 2008, including work by Joelle Jones (12 Reasons Why I Love Her) and Steve Rolston (One Bad Day).

I’m more excited about the artists than the writers because the latter are performance artists, novelists, journalists … the kind of non-comic-writers that have caused some of the pacing and structure problems in the line’s books so far. (I hope the former Vertigo editor doesn’t have that problem!) At least this time the majority of writers are women, and they finally got around to including their first female artist (Joelle Jones)!

Looks like David Hahn still isn’t returning to Private Beach, as he’s done All Nighter about “an angry young punk rocker” (oh joy). And the only sequel so far is to the worst of the bunch, Clubbing in Tokyo. My guess at 2008’s best? Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly’s The New York Four, about new college students.

The Big Question

Is the line a success? I don’t pay attention to sales figures much, so I don’t know how well the books are selling either in the direct market or in the bigger bookstore field. That they’re doing a second year says to me that they still are optimistic about the idea. I’m guessing the books are most popular among schools and libraries, since they’re classically styled stories (teenage girl learns life lesson) that are easy to justify for purchase. I have yet to hear anyone really excited about them, though, in any market.

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  1. Brian Wood Says:

    The missing book is Ross Campbell’s WATER BABY, which was pushed back to be the lead book in the second wave of releases. It’s supposed to be really good, and is the one I am most anxious to read.


  2. Brian Wood Says:

    Oh, and the other sequel is JANES IN LOVE. I am also working on the proposal for a second NEW YORK FOUR book.

  3. John Says:

    Being an NYU dropout and a big Minx enthusiast, I’m very much looking forward to New York Four.

    Not so much Clubbing in Tokyo, though – hopefully they’ll have worked out some of the kinks that dogged the first book. It wasn’t hopeless, but it wasn’t great.

    Actually, I think having the non-comics writers involved is a great strength – lord knows, the medium needs to open up in acceptability (even more than it already has) as a viable and exciting way to tell your story, the same way film and children’s books have, and I think this is a very positive step in that journey.

  4. Johanna Says:

    Oh, I love Ross Campbell’s work. How exciting! Thank you, Brian, for the info. And I’d read another Janes volume. I liked those characters, and I’d like to see them fleshed out more.

  5. caleb Says:

    There is a Janes sequel? Good news; it ended kinda unresolved. And I’m glad to hear Water Baby wasn’t scrapped; Campbell is a great talent.

  6. Paul O'Brien Says:

    I’ve heard mention of a sequel to PLAIN JANES before, but I don’t think it’s been officially announced yet, and it’s not on this press release. Which begs the question of when it’s coming out – is this only a partial release list for 2008?

    WATER BABY isn’t on the list either, perhaps because it was previously announced.

    The seven books they’ve announced for 2008 are TOKEN, EMIKO SUPERSTAR, BURNOUT, THE NEW YORK FOUR, ALL NIGHTER, POSEUR and CLUBBING IN TOKYO. Like Johanna, I’m surprised that they’ve commissioned a sequel to CLUBBING, which wasn’t exactly the best received of the first wave.

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  8. Kitty Says:

    I agree with John – apart from the mechanics issues, it’s kind of fun having non-comics writers creating these stories. They bring fresh material and perspectives. This might be a bit cynical, but I feel like if these were written by regular comics writers, we would be seeing superpowers, evil villains, and characters who are comics fans/creators themselves. Those elements are OK, but we’ve seen them so many times before. I love seeing something completely new to me.

  9. Charles RB Says:

    “I feel like if these were written by regular comics writers, we would be seeing superpowers, evil villains, and characters who are comics fans/creators themselves.”

    But everything Minx produced in 2007 _was_ written by a regular comic writer, except for P.L.A.I.N. Janes and Kimmie66, and the latter was still done by someone who’d drawn and written comics before.

  10. Johanna Says:

    Kitty, the female comic writers I like best — people like Carla Speed McNeil — don’t just write about those topics. And even when they do, like Svetlana Chmakova with Dramacon, the work’s still excellent and presented in a refreshing fashion, because they’re skilled at working in the comic medium.

    New ideas are important, but so is understanding the specifics of the medium. And new-to-comics writers can do that, too, but with education and guidance.

  11. James Schee Says:

    Dang, I guess I am the only one online who actually enjoyed Clubbing. Of course I read it after (given that I preordered it through DCBS) reading all the reviews saying how bad it was. So when I read it and found it wasn’t the worst book in history as I expected I liked it even more!

    I haven’t really been totally wowed by anything from Minx yet. (only read the first 3 on Johanna’s list) Like I have with things like DramaCon (picked up #3 earlier this week!) or some of my other favorites. Yet I’ve enjoyed reading them.

    Next year’s bunch does seem to have some punch though.

    The New York Four sounds really interesting. I’ve never read anything by the creators involved, but the premise sounds really interesting.

    Also while the premise does make me give pause. It will be nice to see a new book by David Hahn whose Private Beach series I loved.

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  14. Ford MF Says:

    We didn’t do so well with them here (small independent bookstore in Brooklyn), though we did our best to push them. Personally, the only I thought was really good was Plain Janes, but I LIKE the idea of Minx, and I want that demographic of readers to develop in comicdom. So yeah, I hope round 2 goes better.

    Also, as a retailer, I think more comic companies need to get on that digest format. They’re terrific. Books with a smaller thickness-to-cover-width ratio (like, regular tradebook size) are much easier to display and merchandise than their comic-book sized counterparts, which you can’t do anything else but spine them out on the shelf.

  15. Leigh Walton Says:

    “That they’re doing a second year” simply means that they’re continuing to roll out the books that have been in production since before the line was announced! I don’t think it’s got anything to do with sales or reaction to the first wave.

    It’s my understanding that Minx is DC acting more like a traditional book publisher — with long lead times and investments of several years — so it’s going to run for a couple years regardless of results. Anything less would be abortive.

    For the sake of bringing more professionalism into the industry (and, er, girls), I hope they succeed. I just think it’s going to be a while before we’ll be able to judge that.

  16. Johanna Says:

    Good point, Leigh. Comic companies traditionally work much more “quickly” than book publishers. We’ve also seen changes happening when it comes to catalogues, with book publishers needing six months or more advance notice. Thanks for the reminder to take a longer view.

    And I’m sorry to hear that they didn’t do as well for you as hoped, Ford. I too find the digest format much easier to deal with.

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  20. The Comics Creator Says:

    Any feedback from the actual target market of these books?




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