Yotsuba&! Future Uncertain, Book 6 Unlikely to Be Soon

Brigid analyzes comment on whether ADV Manga still exists and whether Yotsuba&! Book 6, originally due in February, is ever coming out.

The short version is as follows: A former Newtype USA editor said ADV Manga was defunct. In response, Chris Oarr, who handles Sales & Marketing for the company, was recently interviewed in a piece that’s remarkably content-free, even for internet interviews. Although some are pointing to this as evidence that the company’s still around, there are no actual facts available. And Oarr provides no specific information. Apparently, we’re just supposed to be quietly patient. The company clearly cares more about anime than manga.


  1. Oh no. I just discovered Yotsuba&!, too!

  2. Ugh.

    I can’t take this any more. I’m just going to read it on the Internet now.

    “Our company’s in trouble! What do we do?”
    “I know! Let’s indefinitely delay the release of our most popular title!”


  3. uuhh, this stinks. and he just finished volume eight out there, (in august). I hope I forget it was ever missing and then be suprised when I see it three years later.

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  5. Damn…..This is grim news.

    I guess I should learn to read Japanese.

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  7. ADV clearly has no idea what they’re doing at this point. I wish they’d just cut their losses and give the license for Yotsuba&! to a company that will actually publish it. I’ve waited as long as I could, but I ended up breaking down and reading volumes 6-8 online.

  8. OK, here’s the crappy thing. I even looked on the ADV manga site, and they have not payed for their site, and it no longer exists! I mean, it says that they are under networking solutions and that once they start paying for their site again, they will get it back. OK, isn’t it obvious that they won’t be paying that large bill anytime soon?

  9. ??? i am really confused. i have been waiting for the sixth book since last febuary!

  10. yotsuba&!6 is coming out in september 2009!!!! it was supposed to come out in february 2008 but the company was too focused on anime.

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