Yotsuba&! Future Uncertain, Book 6 Unlikely to Be Soon

Yotsuba&! volume 6 cover

Brigid analyzes comment on whether ADV Manga still exists and whether Yotsuba&! volume 6, originally due in February, is ever coming out.

The short version is as follows: A former Newtype USA editor said ADV Manga was defunct. In response, Chris Oarr, who handles Sales & Marketing for the company, was recently interviewed in a piece that’s remarkably content-free, even for internet interviews. Although some are pointing to this as evidence that the company’s still around, there are no actual facts available. And Oarr provides no specific information. Apparently, we’re just supposed to be quietly patient. The company clearly cares more about anime than manga.

Yotsuba&! volume 6 cover

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