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October 9, 2010

All-Star Superman, due in Spring 2011 and based on the comic by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely, will be the 10th DC Universe original animated film.

There’s a lot of good reasons to look forward to All-Star Superman. It’s got wonderful source material, and it’s being adapted by writer Dwayne McDuffie. In the original story, Superman came to terms with his own mortality, and yet, while dying, set out to save the Earth once again.

All-Star Superman still

All-Star Superman still

Based on this piece of promo art, it looks like they’re going for a classic look, which I appreciate. The casting — James Denton (Desperate Housewives) as Superman, Anthony LaPaglia (Empire Records, Without a Trace) as Lex Luthor, and Christina Hendricks (Mad Men, Firefly) as Lois Lane — is impressive. Respected animation producer Bruce Timm says it’s “a very, very faithful adaptation … in terms of the story and the dialogue and even the visual style” and calls it his “favorite of all the DC movies we’ve done so far.” See for yourself with this trailer:

Oh, in case you’re curious as to the previous nine, here they are in reverse chronological order:

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James Schee writes:  

I’m really looking forward to this movie. DC does such a nice job on the animation movies, and are starting to hit their stride in these movies now. (I saw the Supergirl one just the other day, really good)

The new Young Justice series sounds really promising, though I wish they hadn’t messed with calling it Earth 16 or whatever. I’m fine with just saying its an animated series, not the comic series.

Green Lantern animated series could also be a big hit. And they announced today that there’s a new GL animated move called Emerald Knights that’ll be out next June so I guess we know what the sequel to A S Superman is now.

Anthony writes:  

I also look forward to seeing A-S Superman turned into a DVD movie. (If nothing else, I’m pleased they made a production that doesn’t have Batman or a Bat-related character in it…). I enjoyed reading the series, and nice to see it’s not forgotten…

I assume “Superman: Brainiac Attacks” doesn’t count as a DC DVD movie? Aside from using the Sueprman: The Animated Series designs, it didn’t seem to fit with the canon of those shows at all (per Brainiac’s new origin/backstory, Luthor acting like Gene Hackman’s version without the charm, etc.). Then again, given how the film turned out, maybe not counting it’s for the best… :-p

Johanna writes:  

I think Warner categorizes them based on who’s responsible for them. Superman: Brainiac Attacks seems to fall into the same category as, for example, Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo — TV cartoon spinoffs, not quite the same thing. Also, the original DC animated movies I listed above are rated PG-13; the TV spinoffs are not rated and seem more appropriate for younger viewers.

Grant writes:  

It’s kind of annoying that they don’t seem to try to make the animation look even remotely Quitely’esque. In fact, it just looks like the same ol’ same ol’ animation style. Why can’t they change it up now and then? Why make the animation look exactly the same ALL the time?

William George writes:  

Grant: Cost

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[…] First Look panel was probably the most energetic I attended. It orchestrated its All Star Superman tease really effectively – showing a healthy selection of lengthy clips from the upcoming movie. It […]

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Genghis writes:  

Love all the DC Direct movies…but would love a Legion of Superheroes movie “the Great Darkness Saga”

All-Star Superman Clip, Images, NY & LA Premiere Information » DVDs Worth Watching writes:  

[…] All-Star Superman, the next direct-to-DVD DC animated movie, will have premieres in New York City on February 14 and Los Angeles on February 17. Post-screening panel discussions with cast and crew will follow at each. […]

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[…] this pre-written interview with Anthony LaPaglia, who is voicing Lex Luthor in the upcoming All-Star Superman, due out February 22. LaPaglia has won a Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actor in a […]

natron1 writes:  

Grant writes:
October 10, 2010 at 6:45 PM

It’s kind of annoying that they don’t seem to try to make the animation look even remotely Quitely’esque. In fact, it just looks like the same ol’ same ol’ animation style. Why can’t they change it up now and then? Why make the animation look exactly the same ALL the time?
are you an idiot? this art looks very much Quitely-esque, except the characters dont look like squnched up mashed potatoes under their clothes. and if you hadn’t noticed all the art by DCanimation has been different. The public enemies was very reminiscent of ed mcguiness, and of coarse the apocolypse story art was based on the late mr. turner’s penciling. the shorts all had different styles. even Gl:first flight and doomsday had their own style. you have nothing to complain about and u r waaaay off base. and just to rub it in look at batman gotham knights that has 6-7 different animation teams for the variety of sub stories. shut up and get off the crapper.

All-Star Superman DVD Review » DVDs Worth Watching writes:  

[…] All-Star Superman is inspired by the Grant Morrison/Frank Quitely story/homage to the character’s history and adapted by Dwayne McDuffie. A mission into the sun causes Superman to be given a death sentence by scientist Dr. Leo Quintum. The hero’s cells are “oversaturated with power” from solar radiation. When Superman finds out he’s dying, he decides to stop lying to Lois. He takes her to his arctic fortress, full of marvelous wonders, where they finally have an honest conversation, […]

Armand writes:  

The D.C movies are fantastic but whatever
Happened to the Teen Titans judas contract
Animated movie ? I hope more D.C heroes
Are explored other than Superman &


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