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Digital Manga Launches New, Smaller Tezuka Kickstarter | Nov 26 2014

After the massive failure of their overly ambitious Kickstarter to publish 31 books by Osamu Tezuka, Digital Manga is back with another try, one they’re calling “Smaller, Quicker, and Affordable”. It’s faster than I expected, frankly, but I suspect that Digital Manga started replanning long before the previous effort finished, given the amount of feedback […]


Digital Manga Tezuka Kickstarter Fails Miserably | Nov 22 2014

Last month, on October 21, Digital Manga launched a Kickstarter to publish in print many of Osamu Tezuka’s lesser-known works (since the best-known, like Phoenix, Black Jack, Princess Knight, and Message to Adolf have already been handled by other publishers, mostly Vertical). It was incredibly aggressive, seeking $380,000 in a month, to put out 31 […]


Yen Press Rescues Kaoru Mori’s Emma | Nov 16 2014

This was announced last month at the New York Comic Con, I think, but the book is now available for pre-order. I’m thrilled to hear that the manga Emma is coming back into print from Yen Press. They currently release A Bride’s Story by the same author, Kaoru Mori, as well as a one-shot of […]


We Talk Recently Read Manga in Bookmarked! | Nov 13 2014

The Garden of Words I was honored to be asked to participate in this week’s Bookmarked!, a column where Kate Dacey, Brigid Alverson, and a guest talk casually about what they’re reading this week. Learn what I thought about the fifth volumes of the series What Did You Eat Yesterday?, Genshiken Second Season, and Judge, […]


Vertical Announces Digital Tezuka Coming | Nov 08 2014

Buddha Volume 1 On their Tumblr, Vertical Comics has announced that all of the titles they publish by Osamu Tezuka will be available digitally in coming months. They plan to start with the out-of-print titles, Apollo’s Song and Black Jack (17 books). Unlike other manga publishers, Vertical doesn’t have their own app nor do they […]


How Manga Pricing Works | Oct 03 2014

Over at the Diagonal, the Vertical Tumblr, Ed Chavez, the Marketing Director for the notable manga publisher, has put out some insight into how manga volumes are priced. (I’m assuming that Ed handles the Tumblr. It’s not credited.) First, in relation to an announcement of two upcoming titles, a fan complains that the seinen titles […]


Legal Drug Omnibus Out; Sequel Drug & Drop Available to Pre-Order | Sep 10 2014

Legal Drug Omnibus Out today in comic book stores is the Legal Drug Omnibus, a manga license rescue collection. CLAMP’s Legal Drug originally was published in three volumes in English by Tokyopop. (You can get the three books cheaply used, possibly because the story wasn’t concluded… but see below.) Drug & Drop Volume 1 Dark […]


SuBLime Announces Special Deals for YaoiCon Attendees | Sep 10 2014

Blue Morning Volume 5 Global yaoi manga publisher SuBLime has announced its plans for YaoiCon, held this coming weekend in San Francisco. At their booth, all titles currently available in print will be available at a discount, with an additional 10% off if you buy all available volumes of a series. They’re also debuting Blue […]


Jump Start Brings New Japanese Series to Weekly Shonen Jump Same-Day | Sep 09 2014

Viz Media has launched “Jump Start“, bringing the first three chapters of every brand-new manga series appearing in the Japanese Weekly Shonen Jump to English. The digital translated Weekly Shonen Jump will feature these chapters, one per week, on same-day release as the parent country. The first three titles are Judos by Shinsuke Kondo, a […]


The First Japanese Comic Artist Published in English | Aug 22 2014

This is a pretty neat writeup… Ash Brown has the story of Masaichi Mukaide’s translated work, credited as “the first Japanese comics to be translated into English”. It appeared in Star Reach, an early independent comic anthology of science fiction and fantasy stories, in the 1970s. As Brown describes it, much of much of Mukaide’s […]