The Dreaming Returns From IPI Comics

The Dreaming Revised Edition

Queenie Chan’s The Dreaming was an early success in the category of global manga, or OEL manga (Original English Language manga). The three-volume series began serialization in 2005, with a single-volume collection released in 2010.

It’s a spooky read that makes good use of the comic format, so I’m glad to see a Revised Edition coming back into print from IPI Comics. The revisions include “new covers, brand new pages, and updated art and minor rewrites that better reflect the current times.” There’s also mention of an eventual new fourth volume!

The Dreaming Revised Edition

The short description for The Dreaming is “Lovecraft meets Picnic at Hanging Rock” — it’s about twin sisters starting at an isolated boarding school where other girls have previously disappeared. The author notes it’s “the only Australian manga that specifically deals with Australian themes.” The diverse, mostly female cast was a precursor to the growing diversity that has exploded in comics now.

IPI Comics is a division of IFWG Publishing, an independent publisher of speculative fiction based in Australia.

The Dreaming can be preordered now for an end-of-March release through your local comic store with Diamond code JAN24 1744, or it’s listed at Amazon as available now.

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