Speakeasy Blog Shut Down?

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While taking cheap shots at Speakeasy in my previews writeup (coming soon), I tried to visit Jonathan Martin’s Speakeasy update blog only to discover that it no longer existed. Wikipedia reports

Jonathan Martin’s “Speakeasy Comics Archive” (a blog dedicated to Speakeasy-related news) was shut down, presumably under “trademark infringement” litigation.

Does anyone know anything more about this? Jonathan, are you out there to comment?

If it’s true that Speakeasy legally pressured someone who was exercising free speech in commenting on their problems and troubles, that’s the most cruddy thing (in a long line) they’ve done yet. Hopefully there’s a more reasonable explanation.


  • Guy LeCharles Gonzalez

    Weird that Martin wouldn’t simply rename the blog instead of shutting it down completely.

    In related news, Fortier’s ignored my requests for a follow-up to my original article, so I’m guessing he’s decided that Alias’ “any press is good press” mentality doesn’t work for him. Wonder how much his new partners, presumably a bit more media savvy thanks to their Hollywood connections, have to do with it? And whether or not Rich Johnston will be doing any more shillingreporting on the story?

  • Well, it could have been that Jonathan got tired of it — I’ve set up sites on a whim that turned out to need more time than I had — or he thought the joke was old, or thought better of it. Dunno. I’ve tried to email him to see if he wants to comment.

    Lots of comic companies have “wait it out” as a press strategy, assuming that negative stories will be forgotten as soon as the next laughingstock comes around. Sadly, they’re often right.

  • Vito Delsante

    This is news to me. I didn’t know anything about it until I saw it here. Maybe with the start of business tomorrow we’ll all have information.

    Taking cheap shots? Johanna, I thought you always played nice ;)

  • I play nice with people — companies are fair game, because they don’t have feelings to hurt. :)

    I hope you’re right about more information tomorrow.

  • Vito Delsante

    Hey, it’s your blog…be as mean or as nice as you want. But when you mention me, could you say something like, “the very likeable Vito Delsante” or “Gentleman and gentle soul, Vito Delsante?”

    I can’t guarantee news, as I’m not sure who knows the real story other than Jonathan and Adam. Unless Jon comes forward, we’re all going to have to speculate (as we know Adam is very tight lipped)

  • Vito Delsante

    Well, for what it’s worth, I got an e-mail from Adam this morning asking me who talked to Jonathan. So, I have to figure that Adam knew nothing about this.

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