Another Blow to Josei Manga: Talking About Cancelled

Talking About cover

During a discussion here last month about josei manga, David Welsh recommended a book called Talking About that was due out in June. Here’s the description:

Meet Sarah, successful event planner by day… frustrated 30-year-old virgin by night. Actually, she’s not quite 30 yet. The night before the dreaded birthday, she vows to do something about it. Meet Gang-E, a 29 year-old graphic novelist. She only has one problem — she likes them young. Males, that is — especially her 19-year-old assistant and lover (and adoring fan) Jooyoung. No more boys, she pledges. Gang-E vows to find a real man, even if it kills her. And finally, meet 27-year-old Amber who ruthlessly climbs the corporate ladder, leaving many dead career corpses in her wake. Amber has never met a man she didn’t like (and sleep with), nor has Amber ever met a woman she did. Three lonely women in search of “happily ever after” in one modern city filled to the brim with difficult men.

Talking About cover

Like so many books of this type, it sounds like “Sex in the City”, but I was willing to give it a try anyway. It’s by Wann, whose 9 Faces of Love story collection I enjoyed. I went looking for more information on the Netcomics site, only to find that their new releases section was empty and there was no mention of the title elsewhere.

So I guess I’m not surprised that the latest Previews lists it as Cancelled by Publisher. That’s a shame. I have no idea if it’s because of low sales or changing plans or rights issues (there are so many things that can derail a publication), or if the publisher plans to try again.

Update: As of the end of April, the publisher confirmed that the title “is canceled, and we currently don’t have a plan to release it any time soon. However, we plan to serialize it on our web site first within a few to several months and see how our online readers respond to the title.”

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