Friends of Lulu Awards Move

Friends of Lulu logo

The Friends of Lulu Awards, recognizing the efforts women make in comics, are moving from San Diego to MoCCA’s show. They will be held Saturday, June 7, at the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art in Manhattan. Along with the museum, this year’s sponsors are IDW, DC, and Archie.

The official Board member quote comes from Treasurer Marion Vitus:

“We are excited to bring an award event to MoCCA Artfest, and just as excited not to be competing with the multitude of great events at San Diego Comic-Con this July. We are able to reach a larger group of people eager to see wonderful creators recognized for their hard work in this field.”

Since the awards are moving a month earlier, nominations (open to everyone, whether or not a Lulu member) will begin at the FoL table at the New York Comic-Con next week. For more information, they say check their blog, but it’s not up at the time of this posting. I’m sure it’s coming.

Personal opinion: yay for more things I’m interested in on the East Coast. Seriously, I think the MoCCA show is a better match for the organization’s sensibilities, and it certainly makes sense to avoid competing with the multimedia extravaganza San Diego has become.

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