Iron Man DVD Announced

Iron Man Ultimate Edition cover

I’m so excited! We’re getting a deluxe Iron Man DVD sooner than I expected! The 2-disc Ultimate Edition will be available on September 30 at a list price of $39.99. There’s also a single-disc edition for $29.99.

I like the single-disc cover better, myself, but that’s because you can see Downey’s face, and I’ve become a fangirl.

The single disc has the movie with deleted scenes. The ultimate edition has a second bonus disc that includes a six-part featurette called “The Invincible Iron Man” consisting of

Iron Man Ultimate Edition cover

  • Origins
  • Friends & Foes
  • The Definitive Iron Man
  • Demon in a Bottle
  • Extremis and Beyond
  • Ultimate Iron Man

I’m guessing that that talks about the comic history, given the titles. There’s also a seven-part making of, “I Am Iron Man”, that contains

  • The Journey Begins
  • The Suit That Makes the Iron Man
  • The Walk of Destruction
  • Grounded in Reality
  • Beneath the Armor
  • It’s All in the Details
  • A Good Story, Well Told

Love that last title! And there’s still more: a visual effect documentary, Robert Downey, Jr.’s original screen test (ooooh! revealing!), a cast rehearsal of a scene, and an image/photo gallery. I can’t wait!

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