Comics for Kids: Disney Moves to Boom!, Henson to Archaia

Gemstone let go of the Disney comic license in the U.S. — leading to questions like “how can any company not succeed with the most popular characters ever?” — but not to worry. Boom! Studios will be releasing Disney comics beginning in September. The format will be the same as their other kids’ comics — 24 pages for $2.99.

Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck stories should make great companions for the existing Pixar and Muppet Disney licenses, already published to great success by Boom! The stories this time around are more in keeping with the Muppet Robin Hood miniseries — Disney characters in other genres. The first two titles will feature the characters as superheroes, in a long story called Ultraheroes, and in a fantasy series, Wizards of Mickey.

Meanwhile, although Boom! is publishing Muppet comics, Archaia has announced that they are teaming with The Jim Henson Company to “publish comic books and graphic novels based on popular Henson titles as well as new co-branded original properties.” While specifics will be announced at the San Diego Comic-Con, Henson properties mentioned include Fraggle Rock, The Dark Crystal, Labyrinth, Mirrormask, and The Storyteller. I wonder if this means Tokyopop has given up on their Return to Labyrinth manga series?

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