Drawn to You

Drawn to You

I had the pleasure of discovering the work of both Lucy Knisley (Radiator Days) and Erika Moen (DAR) this year. So imagine my glee when I discovered that the two had teamed up for this conversational comic collaboration.

The two artists passed the pages back and forth between themselves over a period of about six months. Via the internet, they drew themselves talking to each other, but it’s the subjects they cover that make this fascinating. They talk about deciding how much about themselves and their loved ones to reveal (a particularly potent topic, given the body and sex topics they’ve covered in their individual work); gender fluidity, sexual identity, and how attraction can change; and the purpose of art.

Drawn to You

I found the insights about how autobiography seems easy thought-provoking. They value fiction over telling scenes from their lives because it takes more work. They also think that their output is received differently because of their gender, which leads into a discussion of the value of popular appeal to carry significant ideas in an almost undercover way.

The art is remarkably interesting for two people talking, too. The “characters” are expressive, talking with their hands and expressively reacting the way real people would. Although in a nebulous non-setting, they go for ice cream, with table and chairs and cart appearing as they need them and removing themselves as easily.

It’s a simple concept that creates a fascinating, multi-leveled collection of ideas and a nod to a great friendship.


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