Iron Man 2: Stark Expo

Iron Man Stark Expo 1954

To promote the upcoming Iron Man 2 movie, out May 7, Marvel has created the Stark Expo 2010 site (no longer available). In the world of the film, Tony Stark’s father originally started the Expo as a way to demonstrate “better living through technology”. Now, Tony is relaunching the event to “explore the technological wonders that will enhance lives everywhere.”

Iron Man Stark Expo 1954

Iron Man Stark Expo 1964

Iron Man Stark Expo 1974

I like this approach. We’ve lost the magic of world fairs as ways to bring people together, and it’s a wonderful story point to set this up in contrast to weapons technology, which tear the world apart. I also love the faux Exposition logos from previous decades. Apparently something happened in 1974 to prevent further expositions from taking place; we’ll find out what in the movie. One of the Stark Industries subsidiaries is Accutech, which has its own website (no longer available).

Update: And if you want spoilers based on the movie’s novelization, 4thletter has them.

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