DC Closes CMX Manga Imprint

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Brigid Alverson at Robot 6 reports that DC is closing the CMX Manga imprint as of July 1 due to “the challenges that manga is facing in the American marketplace”. (Update: As of 5/21/10, DC has removed the CMX website as well.) CMX launched in October 2004, and while their early title list was uneven, lately, they had been releasing a number of enjoyable titles, including

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Emma remains one of my favorite manga titles. I’m also disappointed that I’ll never see Argent and his princess together.

Some assumed that, while CMX didn’t have much bookstore visibility at all and little convention promotion, as part of big company DC Comics, they were relatively safe. Unfortunately not. This year hasn’t been a good one for manga companies, with Viz’s significant layoffs and the rumored disappearances of Go! Comi and Aurora. At least this time, we got confirmation.

Via Anime News Network comes this list of the last seven titles to be released in June:


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