The Guild #3

The Guild #3 cover by Jim Rugg

The Guild #3 concludes the miniseries as expected: Cyd winds up forming a Guild with the characters viewers already know.

I didn’t expect as much that events in Cyd’s daily life would start becoming more outrageous, as though her reality was ramping up to meet the excitement of her gaming fantasy. Her boyfriend might be gay, and he’s definitely fooling around on her while guilt-tripping her into writing the new music style that’s helping out his band. She’s seeking advice from an unhelpful therapist and her orchestra partner, who leaves abruptly. That’s the one that kicks her over the edge into hitting gaming hard.

The Guild #3 cover by Juan Ferreyra

Cover by Juan Ferreyra

The ending goes for the humor and continues establishing Cyd as a sad-sack instead of giving the character much development. I wish she’d taken more direct action in standing up for herself, but that step forward has to happen in the show season one. Fair enough — I already knew the end point, since I watched some of the series.

As you’ve gathered, I think this story will work best for established fans of The Guild web series. There just isn’t enough there for those who don’t already know the characters to make it satisfying as a stand-alone. I don’t think I would have gotten some of the gags if I hadn’t seen the episodes. On the other hand, it brought me into watching the show, which is filming season four now, so it did that job well.

The Guild #3 cover by Jim Rugg

Cover by Jim Rugg

The website is being coy about any future plans, with more comics and a collection of these being mentioned but nothing solid planned. Comic editor Scott Allie, in a note at the end of the issue, sounds more positive, saying that he hopes to see more Guild comics and “look for the Guild trade paperback, coming soon!”

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