I Interview Alex de Campi About the Ubiquitous Digital Valentine

Alex de Campi

For this week’s PW Comics Week, I interviewed Alex de Campi about her digital comic Valentine and the issues she’s had making it so widely available in so many different formats. Key excerpt:

De Campi’s activities are driven by a unique understanding of the speed of digital. She knows her audience is asking, “Why wait?” As she sees it, “This isn’t that world any more. We want everything now, thank you, and in convenient digital form and not for some rip-off price, so give it to us, or we’ll steal it.

Alex de Campi

“I have no bricks and mortar retailing network I must be careful not to piss off (so the epub versions can be cheaper than the print version, and released day and date), nor any convoluted and delicate relationships with foreign publishers,” says de Campi. “So I am going to do things the way I and everyone I know wants them: simultaneously, cheaply, and conveniently.”

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