Should I See Thor?

Thor movie poster

I feel like a bad comic book fan this weekend. Everyone’s excited about seeing Thor, the latest big-budget superhero movie, but I’m feeling very ambivalent about it. I have never liked the character much — the exception, Thor: The Mighty Avenger by Roger Langridge and Chris Samnee, was killed young — so the reasons for me to go are weak.

To support more superhero films? They certainly don’t need my help, with three more — X-Men: First Class (June 3), Green Lantern (June 17), and Captain America (July 22) — due this season alone!

To enjoy the movie? Well, nothing I’ve heard about it has excited me much. Natalie Portman’s ok, although I like her friend Kat Dennings much better, but the plot sounds predictable, and I’m not attracted to the visual concepts. Even fans are giving it mixed reviews.

Thor movie poster

To spend money? I’m not interested in 3-D, since it risks giving me a headache, and I’m very much not interested in the associated upcharge. I am curious to find out how well the movie does over the weekend, with so many people going to see it.

Have you seen it? Did you enjoy it? Is it good enough to entertain someone who isn’t predisposed to love it?

Update: The weekend sales figures are in, and while Thor was number one, its estimated take of $66 million wasn’t outstanding, putting it behind such previous successes as Iron Man and Spider-Man when the opening weekends are compared. Many of those tickets were the higher-priced 3-D versions, which means in number of tickets sold for its first weekend, it did not do as well as previous Marvel movies Fantastic Four, X-Men, or Hulk. In comparison, last weekend’s debut, Fast Five, opened with over $86 million. Additionally, the audience for Thor was 63% male.

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