Marvel Motion Comics Come to Blu-Ray

Marvel motion comic Blu-ray

In conjunction with the release of the Spider-Woman: Agent of S.W.O.R.D. motion comic DVD on June 14, Shout! Factory has announced a Blu-ray release, exclusive to Best Buy.

The “special edition” pairs the material from the Spider-Woman DVD with the previously released Iron Man: Extremis.

At the time of this writing, Best Buy doesn’t have a listing for the Blu-ray, so I don’t know what the price is expected to be. The regular DVD has a suggested price of $14.97, which Best Buy marks down to $12.99. Many of the other Best Buy Blu-ray exclusives, a variety of genre and niche titles, are currently listed at $16.99, so that might be a guide.

Marvel motion comic Blu-ray

Given that this material was originally developed online, I’m not sure how much of a benefit the increased high-def resolution will be, but it is nice to have both comics in one place.

Update: I’m now told that the exclusivity period with Best Buy is limited, with a wide release of the Blu-ray due in August.

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