Perhapanauts Continues With New Tales Webcomic

Tales From the Perhaps

It’s been over a year since we’ve seen new Perhapanauts stories (with the Molly’s Story one-shot in February 2010), which is much too long for this enjoyable series about paranormal investigators. Now creators Todd Dezago and Craig Rosseau have launched the webcomic Tales From the Perhaps, alternate versions of their characters by other people, as a recurring online feature.

Dezago describes the feature as

a webcomic (of sorts) with perhapanauts tales from deep inside the perhaps, that vortex of space and time that is the confluence of all reality! these are the else-wheres and the if-worlds where anything can happen…! and it does!! with stories by many of our friends and ‘family’, our first tale is written by rich woodall and illustrated by jason copland and you WON’T want to MISS IT!!

Tales From the Perhaps

That first one, “Saints and Sinners“, has posted one page so far, with more to follow soon.

The site has open submissions, although the work won’t be compensated; instead, it’s done for fun and exposure.

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