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Captain America / Captain America II: Death Too Soon cover

As I reported last month, the 1979 Captain America TV movie and its sequel, Captain America II: Death Too Soon, will be coming to DVD as a double feature. This disc will be a very affordable $14.93 (list price).

Captain America / Captain America II cover

Shout! Factory will be putting this out, and the release date has been updated to October 18, just over a month away. Starring Reb Brown as Steve Rogers, these films update the setting to the then-current 70s, giving Captain America a motorcycle (and winged helmet) to go with his traditional shield (now part-transparent plastic, not metal). Death Too Soon co-stars the great Christopher Lee as the terrorist villain Miguel and one of my faves, Connie Sellecca, as a scientist. Here are some promo action clips, which fit right in with the film style and effects of the day:

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