Marvel’s Upcoming Movie Schedule

Filming Iron Man 3

Disney has finalized plans and dates for some upcoming Marvel movies.

Iron Man 3, opening May 3, 2013, will now be available in 3-D.

Filming Iron Man 3

So will Thor 2, which is now called Thor: The Dark World, opening November 8, 2013. I don’t watch 3-D films any more, because they give me a headache and I don’t care for the increased prices, but this should mean more seats in the 2-D showings for me to choose from.

Captain America 2, starting April 4, 2014, is now Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which indicates more focus on Bucky.

Guardians of the Galaxy will open on August 1, 2014, while Ant-Man is coming November 6, 2015. Before that, there’s Avengers 2, the one I’m most anticipating, in May 2015.

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