Recent Josei Manga Titles: Updating the Timeline

Utsubora: The Story of a Novelist

Inspired by Kodansha Comics, I thought this would be a good time to update my timeline of josei manga available in English.

In the two years since that post, Vertical has been the primary company carrying the flag of manga for adult women. They reprinted Paradise Kiss by Ai Yazawa in three omnibus volumes from 2012-2013, as well as putting out two stand-alone singles:

Utsubora: The Story of a Novelist

From Viz, Ooku: The Inner Chambers continues at one book a year, with volume 7 out in summer 2012 and volume 8 in fall 2013.

Viz has also begun putting out mature shojo titles that could be considered josei. I found Happy Marriage?! (by Maki Enjoji, August 2013) disappointing because it was too much like Butterflies, Flowers, but Midnight Secretary (by Tomu Ohmi, September 2013) was more entertaining.

Just as a note, Bunny Drop concluded in August 2013 with book 9.

Any recent or upcoming josei manga titles I’ve missed?

Update (February 2014): Vertical continues its support of the genre with two books by Kyoko Okazaki, Pink and Helter Skelter.


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