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Justice League: War

The next original DC universe animated movie will be Justice League: War, arriving as a Blu-ray combo pack (cover shown here), DVD, and on digital download on February 4, 2014. Amazon currently has the list price as $24.98, with the DVD version at $19.98.

This is the first “new 52” story to be animated, telling the origin of the Justice League, formed in response to Darkseid’s invasion of Earth. Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, Shazam, and Cyborg band together to save the planet; plus, we get Cyborg’s origin story. The cartoon is adapted by Heath Corson, based on Justice League: Origin by (DC company officers) Geoff Johns and Jim Lee. Director Jay Oliva previously was responsible for The Flashpoint Paradox and the animated Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. Voices include (according to IMDB):

Justice League: War

  • Jason O’Mara — Batman
  • Christopher Gorham — The Flash
  • Justin Kirk — Green Lantern (who, along with Flash, doesn’t qualify to make the cover)
  • Alan Tudyk — Superman
  • Michelle Monaghan — Wonder Woman
  • Shemar Moore — Cyborg
  • Sean Astin — Shazam (really needs a better name! also, he’s replacing Aquaman, who was included in the comic version of the story)
  • Steve Blum — Darkseid

I’m surprised, having just done a Justice League movie, that they’re changing the voice talent around again. Perhaps they’re hoping to assemble a younger, cheaper crew to provide more flexibility around future projects, or to match the younger, revamped versions of the characters. Visually, I’m pleased to note that while Wonder Woman doesn’t have pants, they’ve completely filled in the top part of her outfit, giving her the look of a sleeveless mock-turtleneck bodysuit.

Here’s the trailer for Justice League: War:

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