CCS Adds MFA in Applied Cartooning

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The Center for Cartoon Studies (CCS) in White River Junction, Vermont, has announced a new MFA track in Applied Cartooning. It’s a two-year program “designed to help students develop exceptional visual communication skills and apply those skills in fields outside of traditional publishing.” Examples given include “developing grade school curriculum that meets Common Core standards, using comics to promote healthcare in developing nations, developing a comics workshops for veterans, and creating visual mission statements for businesses and organizations.” It sounds like a neat way to expand views of what cartooning can be as well as prepare students for a wider variety of careers.

Said CCS cofounder and director James Sturm, “I am seeing an increasing number of young cartoonists who are as interested in using their skills in a broader, more socially active context as they are in holing up and focusing exclusively on a graphic novel.”

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