Star Trek Beer?!? Klingon Warnog Launches

Klingon Warnog Star Trek beer

Indiana-based Tin Man Brewing Company, under license by CBS Consumer Products, has launched the first in a line of Star Trek-themed alcoholic beverages in the US. Klingon Warnog, “a high-quality Roggen Dunkelweiss (Danish Rye Beer) that captures the warrior essence of the Klingon culture with its bold and unique taste”, will be available starting tomorrow in select liquor stores and bars in Indiana and Washington.

Klingon Warnog Star Trek beer

The Federation of Beer, the organizers behind this, first made a Vulcan Ale in Canada last year. Their goal is “to unite both Star Trek and Craft Beer fans.” Watch for “First Contact” launch parties announced near you in August and following.

Now I really want a Serenity brew.

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