Just Because We Have Computer Lettering, You Shouldn’t Fill the Page With Text

Coming out on Wednesday from Action Lab Entertainment is the first issue of a new series, Midnight Tiger, by Ray-Anthony Height, co-written by DeWayne Feenstra. This is the first panel on page 3, taking up 2/3 of the page.

Midnight Tiger by Ray-Anthony Height

While a new series and concept needs a certain amount of exposition, this is way too much text to dump on the reader. It’s physically hard to read, with those large caption boxes and dialogue balloons. I haven’t read the whole comic, but this doesn’t even seem like necessary information. It’s just setting the stage. Creators, don’t do this.

There’s no editor credited, so I’m guessing no one took a look at the book beyond the creators. Sometimes, a separate pair of eyes and some additional professional guidance can be useful. It’s hard to tell any more whether that’s a service publishers provide.

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