Princess Ugg #3

Princess Ugg #3 cover

Another series about a fighting female that improves with every issue. This chapter by Ted Naifeh takes a meaningful turn, as Ülga explains what brought her to the school for princesses in the lowlands.

Princess Ugg #3 cover

She remembers her departed mother, who’s drawn in great glory, a truly admirable leader to attempt to live up to. The battle scenes are impressive, conveying just how different Ülga’s life is now in contrast. Yet her mother was also wise, disliking the cost of battle to all those involved, whether won or lost.

Ülga also enlists an ally, someone to value her for her own skills while helping her gain those she needs to live up to her mother’s last wishes. An important first step is learning to get along with her roommate Julifer, complicated by her new acquisition, a unicorn who isn’t yet broken to steed. All of this makes for gorgeous imagery with real heart and story behind it.

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