SPX 2014 Badge Art by All-Star Creators

SPX 2014 Press badge by Shannon Wheeler

This year, instead of having a set of badges done by one creator, the SPX 2014 organizers have had various all-star creators each do one. Visit their Tumblr post to see the full set, with

  • Attendees by Lynda Barry
  • Exhibitors by Charles Burns
  • Ignatz Nominees by Derf
  • Ignatz Winners by Ben Katchor
  • Staff by Jen Sorenson
  • VIPs by Tom Tomorrow
  • and Press by Shannon Wheeler.

That last badge, as shown here, has something of a landmine on the back.

SPX 2014 Press badge by Shannon Wheeler

Click to enlarge, or if you can’t read it it says, “I do a blog no one reads and a podcast no one listens to. Can I have a free comic that takes years to make and is expensive to print?” Ouch! That certainly makes me think twice about taking a review copy from anyone at the show!

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