Yen Press Rescues Kaoru Mori’s Emma

Emma by Kaoru Mori

This was announced last month at the New York Comic Con, I think, but the book is now available for pre-order. I’m thrilled to hear that the manga Emma is coming back into print from Yen Press. They currently release A Bride’s Story by the same author, Kaoru Mori, as well as a one-shot of her shorter pieces, Anything and Something.

Emma by Kaoru Mori

Emma was previously published in the US from 2006-2009 by CMX, the now-defunct manga imprint of DC Comics. It’s the story of a Victorian maid and the young man of good family who falls in love with her. They struggle to overcome class differences while Mori draws the details of their life and her work in attractive, well-researched detail.

Yen will be publishing it in hardcover volumes. The first is due out next May. The list price is currently $35, which is a lot, but I’m unclear on whether it will contain the equivalent of two or three paperbacks. There were 10 volumes published previously, plus a related single volume, Shirley, which contained short stories done before the longer series. Yen might be doing five two-book volumes or four three-book ones with extras. Either way, I’m glad to see it available again. It’s a good read that I’m sure more people would like to enjoy.


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