Usagi Yojimbo Returns After Three-Year Hiatus

Usagi Yojimbo #145

It’s an unfortunate quirk of human nature that long-running quality projects are easy to overlook. A consistent good read doesn’t get the kind of press or attention a hot artist (who will do three issues) or a plot twist (reversed next year) or a crossover (a lot of sound and fury with no long-lasting results) or movie tie-in (because comics loves Hollywood validation) does.

Which is my excuse for not noticing that it’s been three years since we’ve seen an issue of Stan Sakai’s rabbit samurai. Usagi Yojimbo #144 came out at the end of February 2012. There was mention of a pause in the series at the end of 2012 so Sakai could draw 47 Ronin. Then, last year, his wife unfortunately passed away.

Usagi Yojimbo #145

Now, Dark Horse has announced that issue #145 will be out in May at the usual 24 pages for $3.50. A new story is described as “Usagi finds himself caught up in a fight between his thief friend Kitsune and a ninja intent on getting the mysterious scroll Kitsune’s stolen, at any cost!” I’ll eagerly welcome him back.

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