Thom Zahler Returns With Long Distance

Long Distance #1 cover

Thom Zahler, author of the superhero romantic comedy comic Love and Capes, returns with a new project this summer.

Long Distance #1 cover

Long Distance is a four-issue miniseries from IDW that has a lengthy history. It originally began as a sitcom script for a reality show contest, then it became available as a script book. Now, it’s a comic! And a double-sized one, with each issue having 48 pages, and some innovative coloring to show the story of a couple pursuing a long-distance relationship. (It’s also been updated to match the changes in communication technology between 2004 and now.)

There’s more information about the premise and characters, as well as sample pages, in this interview with Zahler. You can preorder the first issue now from your comic shop with Diamond code APR15 0443. It’s due out June 17.


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