Action Lab Launches Collectibles Line With Monster Plush and Pervert Statue

Gronk plush

It’s no surprise that publisher Action Lab would want to enter the merchandise market, particularly with such a cute property as Gronk now in their stable. In the newest Previews catalog, you can order a six-inch plush of the little monster for $11.99.

Gronk plush

However, to fill out the line, they’re also offering a Zombie Tramp statue. I’m not surprised that this comic continues to sell, because it plays to the worst stereotypes of the direct market, offering a barely-dressed pneumatic female who also happens to be a monster. I will be surprised if they sell out the run of the statue, though, since it’s $199 for a 12-inch figure for “adult collectors”. There’s also a limited (to only 50!) signed edition for an extra $100.

Action Lab generally tries to keep these adult properties separate from the kids’ books with a “Danger Zone” imprint label, but in this case, the merchandise is all on the same page. Perhaps they’ll be able to better distinguish them in future, when they’ll presumably have more items in the collectibles line.

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