Ant-Man Ads Working

Ant-Man poster

The more ads I see for the Ant-Man movie, out July 17, the more I want to see it. Part of it is my love of the underdog — the poor thing seems to have been overshadowed by the bigger Avengers: Age of Ultron out already, and it doesn’t seem to figure much in Marvel’s movie plans. I also love watching Paul Rudd, and it will be nice to see a superhero film where the whole fate of the world doesn’t hang in the balance. Smaller scale means more characterization, I hope.

I think this poster is funny

I think this poster is funny

Anyway, here are three TV spots for the film. The first emphasizes the powers and action:

The second has more humor, particularly between Rudd and Evangeline Lilly:

The third mentions the Avengers, just in case you forgot this was a Marvel movie:


  • David Oakes

    In case anyone forgets, the new tagline is:

    No shield. No hammer. No problem.

    With three new posters to match. (Iron Man is the problem.)

  • Ralf Haring

    The low stakes were part of what I really liked about the Wolverine sequel. No taking over the world. No international conspiracy. No glowing orbs or beams. The baddie just wanted Wolverine’s healing factor so he could keep living longer.

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