Bryan Lee O’Malley Launches Ongoing Series

Snotgirl promo art

With no timeframe announced, Image Comics plans to publish a new ongoing series written by Bryan Lee O’Malley (Scott Pilgrim, Seconds) called Snotgirl. (Well, that’s certainly distinctive.) The creative team consists of artist Leslie Hung, colorist Mickey Quinn, and letterer/designer Maré Odomo, and the premise is “a dark comedy set in the world of fashion bloggers.” Here’s the description:

Lottie is a huge success — she’s blog famous! Her online persona is flawless and fun, but her real life is filled with woes. She has terrible allergies, she just got dumped, and her blogger friends don’t understand her. Things turn around when Lottie instantly clicks with Caroline, a new girl on the scene… but can she turn chemistry into friendship, or will she ruin everything?

Snotgirl promo art

The setting intrigues me, and I’ve liked everything else I’ve read by O’Malley, so I’ll definitely give it a shot, even if the image is gross.


  • I’m in the same boat: The cover image and title aren’t appealing, but the writer and description are.

  • Though come to think of it, why does it seem worse than, say, iZombie’s brain-eating covers/posters? Is it just that we’re more accustomed to gross-out imagery when it’s part of a horror trope than when it’s running solo?

  • Interesting point. In my case, perhaps it’s that we’re exposed to blood so much in comic imagery, but snot is new and so grosser?

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