iZombie on DVD This Fall

iZombie on DVD

The release date for iZombie on DVD has been announced as September 29. This is a week before the show returns for its second season on October 6. The DVD set also includes deleted scenes and a recording of a 2014 Comic-Con panel. I’m excited, since iZombie wound up being my favorite new show and my favorite comic book show (beating The Flash just slightly).

Although pretty different from the original comic created by Chris Roberson and Michael Allred, the show has a great cast, led by Rose McIver as new zombie Liv. I’ve enjoyed their week-to-week episodes, as Liv takes on new characteristics or personalities based on which brain she’s most recently eaten out of the morgue. I’ve also enjoyed the continuing storyline across the 13-episode season, as Liv’s former fiance Major (Robert Buckley) comes to believe in the existence of zombies and suspect the big bad brain seller (David Anders). Plus, Rahul Kohli does a terrific job as Rose’s sidekick Dr. Ravi, trying to cure zombie-ism while commenting on her brain recipes.

iZombie on DVD

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