Make Your Own Iron Man Arc Reactor

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When I don’t know what else to go as for Halloween, I go as Clark Kent. Not Superman, but his alter ego. I have an S-shield logo shirt that I put under any random button-down, left open, and add suit pants and jacket. Since I already wear glasses and have dark hair, a fedora with a card stating “Press” stuck in the band completes the outfit. Simple, no stress, and slightly funny.

A similar costume could be done for Tony Stark, with suit pieces, goatee, and something glowy for the chest. It’s that last piece that becomes complicated, though. But not any more! The YouTube show DIY Prop Shop, hosted by Dustin McLean, specializes in at-home, inexpensive (under $50, if you already own a good set of tools and a hot glue gun) recreations of famous items from movies and games. Their latest episode shows him building an Iron Man-style arc reactor from, among other things, a sink drain. Watch it here:

I particularly liked the moment at 2:42 when he explains that you should avoid damaging the surface you’re working on. I’m sure spouses/parents/partners appreciate that.

DIY Prop Shop

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