Papercutz Gives Away Nickelodeon Magazine for Library Events

Nickelodeon Magazine

Papercutz has announced that they will give librarians hosting comic book events free copies of Nickelodeon Magazine. Says the publisher, “This new program ensures that no comics-themed event will have to do without giveaways that incentivize reading.”

To participate, librarians should contact Sven Larsen, Papercutz VP of Marketing, six to eight weeks before their event with details of their plans. Papercutz will send 100 copies of the latest Nickelodeon Magazine issue; the library pays shipping. Here are excerpts from the press release:

Nickelodeon Magazine

“Librarians have been on the forefront of the graphic novel explosion,” explained Papercutz’s President Terry Nantier, “and forward thinking librarians have tapped in to the interest surrounding events like Free Comic Book day and ComicCon International to attract kids and parents to their facilities. We think it’s an incredibly positive thing for graphic novels in general and we wanted to find a way to ‘give back’ to the community. With the launch of Nickelodeon Magazine this summer, we realized we had the perfect vehicle to promote comics readership and help librarians connect with kids who might be just beginning to become graphic novel readers.”

“Papercutz graphic novels are already some of the highest circulating titles in libraries,” explained Sven Larsen, VP of Marketing for Papercutz. “But we’re always looking to grow our audience and the readership for comics. It’s part of why we partnered with Nickelodeon in the first place. The new Nickelodeon Magazine is another great way to get kids started on reading and the perfect introduction to the world of graphic novels. We’re excited that it will be a cornerstone of our efforts to help libraries expand their graphic novel programming, and we want this program to be a giant ‘thank you’ to all the librarians who are helping to create the next generation of comics fans!”

It’s a good idea to standardize the process for such requests, and to make a target audience aware of the resource. I’m ambivalent about using such a branded property to do so — I prefer to see original comic material promoted over licensed tie-ins — but I also understand that new kid readers might be attracted to a property they’re already familiar with.

Now celebrating their 10th anniversary, Papercutz is also billing themselves as “the #1 Kids Graphic Novel Publisher!” I’d love to know what figures they’re using, because with millions of copies sold just of Raina Telgemeier’s books, I’d have given that title to Graphix. It may be related to Papercutz’s self-description as “the only publisher exclusively dedicated to children’s graphic novels.”

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