Archie Archives Coming Out in Paperback

Archie: Prom Pranks and Other Stories

Want to read the very earliest Archie Andrews stories from 1941 and 1942 for a bargain price? Dark Horse is reissuing the first volume of the Archie Archives, originally released four years ago, in paperback. It contains all the Archie stories from Pep Comics #22–#38, Jackpot Comics #4–#8, and Archie Comics #1–#2.

Archie: Prom Pranks and Other Stories

They’ve retitled the much cheaper edition Prom Pranks and Other Stories. Instead of $50, the same 200+ pages are available for $20. While bookstores are expecting the volume on November 24, comic shops should have it November 11. This is a great idea, since the stories are very much time capsules, as is the art style, and thus an acquired taste. I find that kind of thing fun to read, but for many modern customers, it’s more palatable at a lower price. There are some preview pages at the publisher’s website.

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