Shonen Jump Plus Manga Contest

Shonen Jump Plus Manga Contest

Shonen Jump Plus (a free digital publication in Japanese) and MediBang (which “provides free digital painting apps and software to illustrators and comic book artists worldwide”) are holding a manga contest to discover new artists. Unlike other manga auditions, this contest is set up to translate English, Korean, and Chinese submissions into Japanese for review by the editors.

Shonen Jump Plus Manga Contest

Entries will be accepted through March 3, 2016. Enter through MediBang’s site. They’re looking for completed one-shot comics under 50 pages. On the bright side, “entries that don’t win may also receive feedback from editors.” On the not bright side, “The possibility of no winners being chosen exists.”


  • Niezaar

    Does the cover and index pages count as one of the 50 pages?

  • Why would a one-shot story have an index page or a cover? A splash page, maybe.

  • Niezaar

    Good Point, I’m glad I made sure anyway.Thanks for the info.

  • Niezaar

    I just realised that there are two deadline dates; one for the 3rd of March and the other for the 17th of March. Can you tell me which one of those dates are correct?

  • I don’t know — I only have the information posted above — but just to be safe, if I were you, I’d aim for the earlier date.

  • Niezaar

    Yes, that is exactly what I’m doing. It’s killer stressful since I only noticed it yesterday, but I’ll pull through. Thank you for replying.

  • I have a quick question. Does this Contest run every yr?
    I wanted to join, but I got the news of the contest late, and as a result, I can’t produce a submission for this yr.
    I’d like to join next yr instead (if it runs annually that is…)

  • Niezaar

    Hi there, I’m not certain about that, this is my first entry. I’ll try to find out and let you know if you don’t already know.

  • Aaaahhhhh ^.^
    Thank you very much Neizaar. Any info is greatly appreciated ^.^
    The country that I’m from, (in the Caribbean), doesn’t actually promote, nor encourage people to create Manga/Anime content very much.
    In most cases, people, (even professionals), try to shut those down, who do want to make this type of content, just because it’s not “local” or “their Caribbean style” etc, (yet ironically, people will idolize over Bleach, Naruto, One Piece, Full Metal or some other Anime that’s been made popular :( Sigh… )
    So you could say that most of us who want to do Manga/Anime Work, are kept in the dark as to where to go and how to get their Manga Work seen etc, (ie no guidance of any kind on how to make Manga/Anime.)

  • Niezaar

    Hey, Anisa, I don’t think it’s an annual thing; vague research, but they do hold all sorts of competitions all the time, you should check frequently as to what’s happening on Shonen Jump, and you’re right about being kept in the dark. I live in South Africa where manga and anime are mostly overlooked so I’m in the same boat as you where our creativity is concerned. I know that I love manga and Anime and by the looks of things, you do too. Please, don’t ever give up on this, I can try to assist you if you need it sometime.

  • @ Niezaar: Ah ok… That’s kinda too bad though. Would have been great if it was an annual event.
    oh well (shrugs) I will keep looking around….
    I found a couple that look interesting and I might join… (Not sure yet.)
    Erm o.o I never said I’m going to give up. Even without contests, I’m still going to make my Manga Works and find a way to get it out there, (other on Social Sites), I just tend to take very long at drawing, cuz I’m a detail freak o.o It’s a bad habit I have when I’m drawing, but it is very satisfying when I finish a piece of work.
    And even if I wanted to quit, I actually can’t anyway. I spent 10 yrs+, learning how to draw Manga and though I am still learning, I’m not about to just throw all those yrs of work away for nothing. That would definitely be a waste.
    Here is my DA Account where you can see all my Art from 2003 to currently, if you check most of the folders in the Gallery >
    My Facebook Account has the most recent/updated set of work, but some content like WIPS, are limited from view. I don’t always post things for the public to see. But most of my work (that the public is allowed to view), is here as well.

  • Niezaar

    I want to cry now. I see that you’re a detail addict, it’s brilliant! :) I want to be a part of your work!!! I don’t understand how your work isn’t out there with the big guys. I’ve been at it for 15 years and my stuff’s not nearly as good as yours. You’ve just inspired me a helluva lot, thank you.
    If you want to see some of my work, check out this very site; shonen jump plus and medibang, I entered my very first completed comic/manga into the competition last night, it’s called “Soldier 3.0”. Hope you like it! btw, your facebook fan page doesn’t wanna open! :(
    And remember, people like you shouldn’t throw in the towel. EVER.

  • @ Niezaar:
    Thank you. Not sure what you mean by that though, (” I want to be a part of your work!!!”), but you’re welcome to watch me on DA (if you have an account) or add/follow me on FB (if you have an account.)
    ?? That’s probably cuz you need to have a Account there to see it. It used to be like DA where you click on the link and view someone’s profile without having an account, but many systems and rules have changed on FB since 2009 o.o

    Oh cuz I’ve always felt that my work. compared to the “big boys” was never good enough, nor could compete with them…. It was only later, (after I got my Laptop in 2013). that I learnt most of those guys couldn’t draw or didn’t draw well or didn’t make something by themselves, when they started out back then in the old days o.o So now I kinda know better and I’m actually taking time off Uni Studies to finish stuff I started when I was in my mid teens and trying to get it going right now.

    The other reason was because I was always picked on and made fun of, by students, in any school I attended: Primary School, Secondary/Highschool and even University, (though I am an adult now), simply because the students think I’m weird, just because I don’t talk/hang with them or talk about the things they are into, (which is usually about rumours, sex talk, useless trivia etc – nothing educational).
    Other than students, Adults in my country, would cut me down/discourage me, telling me that the Manga work I do is “Not a Trini thing” or “Its not you”, just cuz I’m living in Trinidad and Tobago and that’s my nationality and the work is not of their culture/lifestyle.
    Honestly, I personally do not like much of my country’s type of lifestyle/culture. I consider it very vulgar to a point and too much unnecessary drama and backwards thinking (See the Santana Vids by LEXO Tv on Youtube as examples.) Also Trinidad doesn’t really have much to offer. and it’s not the only country on the planet, but I always get the impression that the people who discourage me, seem to think it is the only country in the world.
    And then there’s online people aka Trolls/Haters, who think it’s ok to trash someone’s work or express their hatred, (without considering the consequences), just cuz they don’t like it (according to them) or are jealous. These people are the worse and sometimes you question if people like them are even human beings and it often astounds me how these trolls don’t understand that Art can be an expressive and experimental for someone. It’s not always for entertainment.

    As a result, I eventually developed a sever level of Depression. I even attempted suicide by overdosing on painkillers once… It would have succeed, but someone stopped me… I get relapses and suicidal thought/tenancies every once in a while now…and cut my wrists anytime I think of suicide and it becomes over bearing :(
    Sometimes I think death is a much better solution that physically living. Most people tend to not appreciate you, until you’re gone/no loner existing anyway….

  • Niezaar

    @ Anisa:
    My pleasure, and what I meant was that a new goal has been added to my list of goals, sitting down and drawing with you some day. (by “DA” you mean Deviant Art, right?) I’ll join there soon enough. :)

    You were being unfair toward yourself, everybody deserves a chance. Yes, I’m glad you’re doing that, I left college, I was studying Building and Civil Engineering… blah. I hate it, so I left in order to pursue my dream, making comic books/manga. I started one when I was in 8th Grade, lol and believe it or not, it’s still ongoing; so far I have 13 chapters (very slow work in progress). Started another one when I was in Matric (3 years ago) not even done with chapter 1 yet, gosh I always felt that I lacked inspiration then I got some from a friend of mine, Alicia. If it weren’t for her, I’d have stopped drawing by now.

    no no, those guys can go play in the sand, people who don’t appreciate you, just cut them out of your life because it’s not about them, it’s about those who actually DO appreciate you. I don’t really know who you are or what you look like, but I know talent when I see it. Usually, I’d break down and be like: “That girl’s better than i am, I’m done!” then i’d stop drawing for a year or so before jumping back in.

    I hope those fools don’t have a negative hold on you anymore.
    Blah to them, their brains are too small and weak, they can’t comprehend what goes through an artist’s mind.

    //NO WAY//, you can’t afford to commit suicide, I’m sure there are people you know (or don’t know: meaning me) who care, even though I’m on the other side of the world.

    Don’t be selfish and commit suicide, remember my new goal: drawing with YOU some day, I’ll do my best to make it happen!!! so stay alive, oi.
    Happy times ^-^ also, we continue this convo over facebook.

    btw, did you check out “Soldier 3.0”? what do you think about it? That was rush and full on hand work, no photoshop AT ALL, I also had help from the Alicia girly i mentioned, due to time constraints.
    Tell me your thoughts!

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