Congratulations, NBM, on 40 Years!

NBM logo

To celebrate their 40th anniversary, independent and Eurocomix publisher NBM has unveiled a new logo, shown here.

They’ve changed their name from “NBM Publishing” to “NBM Graphic Novels”, reflecting their speciality, and dissolved their ComicsLit imprint, moving the titles to the main brand. The adult graphic novel imprint, Eurotica, will remain independent and separate. From the press release, in which NBM Publisher and founder Terry Nantier discusses the changes,

NBM logo

“After many milestones over these decades helping to open up the general bookstore trade and people’s perception of what comics can be, here we are at 40 years of operation still bringing out some of the best European and US comics you can find…. The former NBM logo, with a design akin to comics panels, has served valiantly for decades, but nothing lasts forever, and it’s time for a cleaner, lighter, more modern look. ComicsLit also was an imprint we needed to launch over 15 years ago to distinguish our fiction line, but that’s much of what NBM stands for anyway today. We’re keeping things simple under one name and emphasizing our core mission all these years where comic books from us have been rare: publishing great graphic novels.”

The former NBM logo

The former NBM logo

NBM has put out a number of notable graphic novels, as they highlight:

This year, NBM will release work from such talented artists and writers as Lewis Trondheim, Joann Sfar, David Prudhomme, Jirô Taniguchi, Sean Michael Wilson & Michiru Morikawa, Annie Goetzinger & Rodolphe, Stanislas, Nicolas Keramidas, A. Dan, and Maximilien Le Roy, joining other recent creators as Rick Geary, P. Craig Russell, Dara Naraghi, Brent Bowman, Margreet de Heer, Kerascoet, Etienne Davodeau, Patrick Atangan, Jim Benton, Ted Rall, and Julian Voloj.

These join such luminaries that have been in the NBM catalog in the past such as Will Eisner, Dave McKean, Scott Hampton, Bryan Talbot, Harlan Ellison, Joe Haldeman, Miguelanxo Prado, Vittorio Giardino, Milo Manara, and Guido Crepax.

You can find out more at the publisher’s website, including a list of their firsts, covering their early support of European graphic novels. NBM stands for Nantier (Terry), Beall (Chris), and Minoustchine (Marc). The other two partners are no longer mentioned much.


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