Happy 30th Anniversary to Viz! Here’s a New Website

Viz Media website screenshot

Viz Media has announced that it’s celebrating its 30th anniversary by launching a website redesign at viz.com. The actual anniversary is in July, since the company was founded in San Francisco in July 1986, so watch for more “exciting activities” promised for later this year. In the meantime, the refreshed “interactive web destination offers increased functionality, seamless interoperability and a host of easy-to-use new content features that are accessible across all platforms, including mobile devices and tablets.”

Like many responsive designs, some of the elements look really big on a computer screen, but they should be easy to read on smaller devices. Here’s a sample screen:

Viz Media website screenshot

“Interactivity” on a website used to mean forums and communities, but those are too hard to take care of these days, so now it means the ability to log in and favorite titles and properties. The release calendar is easier to find, and there’s also a newsletter to subscribe to. There are lots of “read” links, but they’re really links to buy the volumes online. Similarly, the anime get “watch” links, and the blog promotes whatever’s new.

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