Kate Beaton Announces Two New Books

King Baby by Kate Beaton

In an appreciation post to her readers, Kate Beaton has announced that she will be releasing a second picture book from Scholastic. The Princess and the Pony was her first, out last year about this time, while King Baby will be released in September.

Here’s the publisher description:

All hail King Baby! He greets his adoring public with giggles and wiggles and coos, posing for photos and allowing hugs and kisses. But this royal ruler also has many demands, and when his subjects can’t quite keep up, King Baby takes matters into his own tiny hands.

Created by Kate Beaton, author of The Princess and the Pony and #1 New York Times bestsellers Hark! A Vagrant and Step Aside, Pops!, this modern, funny, and (let’s be honest) realistic take on life with a new baby is the perfect gift for anyone with an adorable little monarch in their world.

King Baby by Kate Beaton

Beaton also alludes in her post to an upcoming graphic novel in progress, “a memoir of my time in the oil sands, years ago.” That promises to be a great read, and a more challenging one, given the modern setting and the environmental themes, than her usual historical humor. Whenever we see it, it’s sure to be worth reading.

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